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Myriad - Move to LA

Armed with a catchy guitar pop track, Myriad complete their 'Move to LA' EP releases with a single of the same name.


On the 14th of June Myriad released 'Move to LA' their final single from the current EP cycle. The rising indie rockers are known for their catchy, summery tracks. They draw inspiration from the likes of Pale Waves, Sea Girls and The 1975, their songs combine clean modern indie with a heavy dose of bright guitar pop.

"'Move to LA' is about chasing the excitement and drama you get with a turbulent relationship. It's about imagining all of the experiences you would have with that one person if everything was just a little bit more stable." - (Myriad)

'Move to LA' isn't a track that gently eases you in, instead you are instantly hit with the energetic indie pop guitars and upbeat drums. From the get-go I could tell that this one was going to be up there as a favourite Myriad song for me and I was entirely right. I feel like the last few singles lost their spark quickly for me where as I can see this one sticking around in my playlists for a while. I think 'Move to LA' stands out as being a little bit different, at times vocally reminding me of indie pop bands of the past, this became especially true when Myriad delivered a little vocal harmony in the second verse. I also love the chorus which feels fired up with sunshine and excitement while also having an addictive vocal melody. I can say I will have the words "gonna move to LA" stuck in my head for days.

'Move to LA' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Move to LA' HERE

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