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Victoria Row - Glued On You

Updated: May 23

London based indie rock newcomers, Victoria Row have released their debut single 'Glued On You'.


Victoria Row have debuted their first single 'Glued On You' and it comes with a bright chorus that's guaranteed to draw you in. The indie rockers who are named after their rehearsal space, take inspiration from a range of artists including Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles and Neck Deep. The three piece from London blend popular genres to create their sound, pop and indie rock being most apparent on their debut release. Thematically 'Glued On You' reflects on the strength of holding onto hope during life's challenges. This song is a vibrant and very clearly hope filled indie rock track that has a easy to listen to pop vocal melody. The chorus of this track definitely got me hooked while the upbeat rhythm and radiant guitars kept me around. This one may be a typical indie pop/rock sound that you can hear in most modern artists of this genre, but Victoria Row are new to the scene and I'm excited to see how they grow and develop in the space. I think this London three-piece could have a lot of promise.

Listen to 'Glued On You' HERE

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