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Saint Vienna - Lonely Ghost

An anthem for the elder emos and any alternative music lover, Saint Vienna have released their newest single 'Lonely Ghost'.


On the 5th of April emo/alternative group Saint Vienna released their uplifting single 'Lonely Ghost'. Drawing influence from the era of Jimmy Eat World, Kids In Glass Houses and Paramore, Saint Vienna are creating uplifting songs full of emo qualities. 'Lonely Ghost' focuses on the realization that you're a bit different and the questions that come along with that. This is an upbeat track that makes you want to go back and listen again and again. I found it impossible not to feel good while listening to the bright guitars and inspiring vocals. You can easily hear the emo/alternative/pop-punk influences within 'Lonely Ghost' and the unique vocals make this one addictive. I honestly can't recommend listening to this song enough, I am a big fan.

Listen to 'Lonely Ghost' HERE

Saint Vienna are

Nic Mason: Vocals Ryan Kane: Guitar & Vocals David Lennon: Guitar Stephen Ladds: Bass Scott Johnston: Drums

Saint Vienna online

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