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One Nine Eight - The Words Don't Mean A Lot

EP Name: The Words Don't Mean A Lot

Artist: One Nine Eight

Released: April 2024

Rating: 8.5/10



  1. Over (etc.)

  2. Small Things

  3. This Is Your Life

  4. Nightmare

  5. Caught Thinking

Glasgow alt-rockers One Nine Eight have released their debut EP 'The Words Don't Mean A Lot', and it is a force packed full of emotion. Based in Glasgow One Nine Eight are a grunge inspired alt-rock band that also seem to draw some lighter indie rock tones as well. Influenced by the likes of Deftones, My Vitriol and Basement the group are powerful alt-rock covered with a dreamscape like blanket. (When I listen to their music I can't help but imagine being alone up in the hills, much like the scenery for the cover art of the EP). One Nine Eight are building a cult following on TikTok, they have appeared on Billy Sloan's end-of-year best singles list and they have previously supported The Luka State. Opening 'The Words Don't Mean A Lot' is the haunting and absolutely heart-wrenching 'Over (etc.)', the song slowly builds with a simple guitar and the drums like a heartbeat. Vocally I was very much reminded of Isaac Slade (The Fray), there's the same emotional grab but the One Nine Eights vocalist has a strong rasp and the Scottish twang. I found this song very intense in a good way, I literally had goosebumps for the full six minutes. 'Over (etc.)' builds from a slow sadness into strong rage and I really felt all of it. This one is hands down my favourite on the EP, so we started off strong. Heading fully into the garage/alt-rock direction is the next track 'Small Things'. This one still feels very emotion driven vocally but the instrumentals, especially the guitars, get more time to shine in this one. It's a powerful hard-hitting chorus instrumentally and the vocals just add that last sprinkle of emotion to finish it off. Next up on the EP is 'This Is Your Life' which is probably my least favourite track. It takes a minute to build into it and I thought it was a bit more prog than others on the EP but it is still very much the same style as the other tracks. If I'm honest I couldn't get into this one as much, it's a good song but compared to the others that all had something stand-out about them this one has to be at the bottom. 'Nightmare' is another very powerful track from 'The Words Don't Mean A Lot'. It a little smoother and flows more like a radio rock song but still with all the beat driven power and grungy guitars. I also liked how the vocals were a little different in this one, rather than the more sad emotion backed sound there's a little bit of fun here. 'Nightmare' I think would easily be the song that people want to get up or bop their heads to. Closing the EP is 'Caught Thinking' which I believe was also Nine One Eight's first single. This one gives 2000's garage rock nostalgia 100%. It wouldn't feel out of place on a closing scene on a early 2000's tv show. I found that 'Caught Thinking' was one that had to grow on me, on first listen I wasn't too impressed and it felt a little too loud, with too much going on at times. After the second and third listen however, I found myself wanting to sing-a-long and I had totally fallen in love with the chorus. Nine One Eight have created an EP that as soon as I'm finished it, I just want to listen again. They definitely give the 2000's nostalgia vibe and I could easily describe them as if The Fray went more garage, loud, angry alt-rock. There's something addictive about their songs and the way they composed them so even the parts that feel a little disjointed keep you there and wanting to listen. The more I listen, the more I want to listen so go check this EP out from start to finish, you will not be disappointed.

Listen to 'The Words Don't Mean A Lot' HERE

Get tickets to see One Nine Eight live at St. Luke's, Glasgow on the 27th of April HERE

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