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The Moon Cadets - Feed Me

On the 14th of May, Scottish indie rock band The Moon Cadets released their debut single 'Feed Me'.


Scottish indie rockers, The Moon Cadets released their debut single 'Feed Me' last month. Emerging onto the scene with an all female line-up, The Moon Cadets put their own spin on the indie genre. Each member of the band brings their own individual styles resulting in a sound that is totally unique. The bands debut single 'Feed Me' opens with a riff that wouldn't feel out of place on a 70's rock track. The symbols that ring in the background support the song as it expands before breaking into a groovy piece complete with a punchy baseline. There's definitely a psychedelic or stoner rock sound going throughout the indie leaning track and 'Feed Me' as a whole is quite a calm, with a couple of cool effects throughout. Lyrically this one is quite repetitive making it a song that is fairly catchy. The Moon Cadets have created something that seems to suit the personality of the band, and the name, it's a little unusual but in a fun way.

Listen to 'Feed Me' HERE

The Moon Cadets are

Bryony: Vocals Eilidh: Guitar Sophie: Bass Abaigh: Drums

The Moon Cadets online

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