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Nova Dream - Running Out of Time

Irish trio Nova Dream delve into a dark alternative sound with their new single 'Running Out of Time'.


Nova Dream explore themes of introspection and urgency with their new dark alternative track 'Running Out of Time'. Formed a year ago, Nova Dream are an alternative rock trio from Dublin. The psychedelic tinted alt group began when Josh Bartschi and Gabriel Rizzo started writing music together and not long after they were joined by drummer Danny Maguire. Nova Dream blend together alternative rock with elements of grunge and post-punk to create their sound. 'Running Out of Time' sees the band dive into themes of introspection, urgency and the search for authenticity in modern society.

"In some sense, this song is the most personal song we've written so far. And because of that, we wanted to play a little bit more with the song and take it to a new direction, reflecting the changes of the band itself." - (Nova Dream)

The track which was recorded between Darklands Studios and the bands home studio comes across as a little moody and allows listeners to feel that sense of urgency and questioning. 'Running Out of Time' is a song that took time to grow on me but by the last soaring alt rock chorus I was happy that I stuck around. I really like the bouncy bass guitars and the psychedelic tone of the lead. Vocally I wasn't too impressed but they shone a little in the chorus. My favourite part of the song is the guitar solo moment that brought back my excitement for the rest of the track. I can't think of a better way to describe this song than dark toned alt rock with a psychedelic rock topping.

'Running Out of Time' (Official Video)

Listen to 'Running Out of Time' HERE

Nova Dream are

Joshua Bartschi: Bass & Vocals Gabriel Rizzo: Guitars & Vocals Danny Maquire: Drums

Nova Dream online

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