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Occult Witches - Faustian Bargain

Occult Witches have released their electrifying 70's rock single 'Faustian Bargain'.


Released under Black Throne Productions, Occult Witches alluring new single 'Faustian Bargain' marks the second release from the bands upcoming album, 'Sorrows Pyre', due out July 26th. With their storytelling and unique rock sound, Occult Witches have quickly risen through the ranks. The groups first tour last summer has helped solidify their presence in the scene. With a strong hint of 70's rock the four-piece draw on elements of darkness, witchcraft and existential struggle to create their spellbinding sound.

"This song is about almost making a deal with Satan and he ain't fucking patient. Won't be thanking him for this one." - (Occult Witches)

Listen to 'Faustian Bargain' HERE

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