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Gramma Vedetta - Don't Cross The Line

Gramma Vedetta inspires people to keep fighting for their humanity in a digital age, with their new single 'Don't Cross The Line'.


Artwork by Mirkowgastow

Earlier this month Gramma Vedetta released their rock track 'Don't Cross The Line'.

"An anthem that combines Black Sabbath style heaviness with Pink Floyd's ethereal soundscapes to inspire those fighting to keep their humanity in the digital age." - (Gramma Vedetta)

'Don't Cross The Line' is a rock track that feels a little grungy and dirty. It's got some really captivating full sounding guitars and vocals that are easily comparable to Ozzy. I personally really enjoyed the guitar driven parts of this track (which is a lot of it), and I think that any fan of bands like Black Sabbath would enjoy 'Don't Cross The Line'.

Catch Gramma Vedetta live

19/05 - Desertfest London, The Dev, London

25/05 - Unfest, TW Forum, Tunbridge Wells

13/07 - The Metal Monocle, Leicester

Listen to 'Don't Cross The Line' HERE

Gramma Vedetta online

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