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Scarsun - Better Than Drowning

Hard rock band Scarsun debut new vocalist Melody with their single 'Better Than Drowning'.


New single 'Better Than Drowning' from Scarsun will mark the bands first release with vocalist Melody. From South Wales, Scarsun are a band that I have been following for a while now. Their music would best be described as alt-metal leaning hard rock. I am always a little skeptical when a band I like has a line-up change but Melody, sound-wise, seems to be a perfect fit for Scarsun. 'Better Than Drowning' feels a little more classic metal sounding than previous releases from Scarsun and the sound of this single overall seems to have taken a slightly different direction. I personally think this evolution in Scarsuns sound is really suited to them. This single is powerful, especially in the versus that build in energy and emotion. I must admit I'm not a big fan of the chorus for this track, not because it's a bad chorus, I just don't feel like it molds with the rest of the song, whereas the versus are strong with the promise of a great track. 'Better Than Drowning' is a great way to introduce listeners to Melody but I don't think this will be a favourite of mine. I am however excited to see what else will come from the new Scarsun line-up.

Listen to 'Better Than Drowning' HERE

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