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Monuments - In Stasis (Deluxe Edition)

Monuments have released a deluxe version of their 2022 album 'In Stasis', which comes complete with a feast of unheard remixes, instrumentals and more.


Monuments are giving fans plenty of unheard content with their deluxe version of 'In Stasis'. If you're looking for instrumentals, live versions, acoustics or new remixes it's all there in this 28 track version of the album. Founded in 2007, Monuments are a progressive metal band that have captured the attention of fans all over the world. As well as an unforgettable live performance they deliver intricate compositions with bone-crushing riffs and soul-stirring melodies. 2023 has seen Monuments extensively touring whether that be playing their own headline shows or support slots. The group have been seen sharing stages with the likes of Jinjer, Leprous, Electric Callboy, For The Fallen Dreams, VRSTY and more. 'In Stasis' (Deluxe Edition) shows off the bands musical evolution and even comes with a brand new remix of 'Cardinal Red' by Elodin. There is plenty to consume within this new release and it lets you hear Monuments in new and different ways. So whether you are looking for a nice acoustic, to enjoy an instrumental or to close your eyes and listen to a live track picturing yourself in the crowd. It's all there for you.

Listen to 'In Stasis' (Deluxe Edition) HERE

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