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XIII Doors - Unleash The Beast

Ireland based hard rock band XIII Doors have released another motivating track 'Unleash The Beast'.


On the 4th of December XIII Doors released their second single 'Unleash The Beast'. Born from the vision of multi-instrumentalist and singer DJ O'Sullivan, XIII Doors was created with the purpose of igniting inspiration in others and encouraging people to follow their dreams. O'Sullivan was raised in the West of Ireland by a musical family and as well as fusing hard rock and metal in XIII Doors he draws inspiration from some traditional music: Irish, Arabic and Hindustani to name a few. The group are now formed as a four-piece and are ready to show off what they can do and inspire. Opening with a headbanging worthy riff XIII Doors newest single 'Unleash The Beast' is instantly catchy and loaded with hard rock energy. This is another enjoyable rock song with an uplifting message, the track aims to motivate listeners to cast aside apprehensions and embrace self-belief. 'Unleash The Beast' is guaranteed to lift up your spirits and have you bopping along to the heavy instrumentals and melodic vocals. This track is very 2000's hard rock reminding me of artists such as Alter Bridge or Shinedown. XIII Doors deliver powerful guitars, pounding drums and soaring vocals that make them a rock band to look out for.

'Unleash The Beast' (Official Video)

XIII Doors

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