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Rogue Awakening - The Hunter

Hard rock band Rogue Awakening have released their addictive new single 'The Hunter'.


Rogue Awakening have released their newest single 'The Hunter'. From Horsham, England, Rogue Awakening are a group I am personally a big fan of. They combine multiple stylistic influences to create their unique symphonic, alt, hard rock sound. 'The Hunter' is themed around projecting our desires onto others to make them into something that they are not. The song opens with a pounding rhythm that carries on throughout, it's fast-paced and powerful. 'The Hunter' allows the lead guitar to be shown off as well as the enchanting vocals. For me personally the vocals are a big draw to this band so songs that allow them to shine I love. The chorus of 'The Hunter' is big and addictive leaving the words "if I'm the hunter then what are you?" stuck in my head. This song even has a lively guitar solo adding a final layer to the great track. If you haven't checked out Rogue Awakening yet go and do it now. These guys deserve the listens and 'The Hunter' is a great place to start.

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