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Nuns of the Tundra - The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I

EP Name: The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I

Artist: Nuns of the Tundra

Released: March 2021

Rating: 8/10



  1. Low

  2. Gods and Wine

  3. C'est La Vie

Nuns of the Tundra are a band that are starting to gain attention with their unique new-wave rock sound, and their EP 'The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I' is a delicious showcase of what they can do. From Bristol, UK, Nuns of the Tundra have been gaining popularity with their song 'Low' on TikTok. The band who recently hit 20k listeners on Spotify are gaining the ears of many alt-rock lovers and rightly so. Nuns of the Tundra are delivering their own unique blend of stoner-rock riffs, alt-rock song dynamics and raw garage-rock recording vibes. I, like many others discovered these guys through TikTok and as soon as I heard one song, I knew I needed to hear more. Opening 'The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I' is popular track 'Low'. It's hard not to hear a Royal Blood influence in this one with the fuzzy, powerful opening guitars and fast-paced drums that demand you get up off your seat. The vocals that join are so soft compared to the onslaught that surrounds them, and I really like the way it all fuses together. The whole track feels like it's building you up for something and I found it really exciting, I literally had goosebumps as Nuns of the Tundra built up to the fierce and explosive breakdown in 'Low'. Then once the track was over, I was more than ready to hear what would come next. I continued to be impressed as 'Gods and Wine' rolled in keeping that same fuzzy stoner rock sound with a really nice vocal melody. It's low tone, powerful modern alt sounding rock with a huge splash of DIY/garage-rock. 'Gods and Wine' may not be as strong as the opening track, but this one has a fun beat, and I found the chorus getting stuck in my head. The last song on the EP is 'C'est La Vie', I found this one didn't excite me much compared to the other two but it's still a really cool and interesting track. It's bursting with energy much like everything that Nuns of the Tundra release and I think it sounds a little louder and maybe even a little punkier than anything else I've heard from them. I may not have found it as exciting as other tracks from Nuns of the Tundra but it's still a great song and I will say I really liked the little breakdown bit in it, which really seemed to once again channel their Royal Blood like sound. I have to recommend checking out Nuns of the Tundra, as I mentioned earlier the first time I heard them I had to have more and I'm sure that'll be the same for many rock music lovers. They've got a contagious energy with a fresh sound, and I can see them becoming one of my new favourite bands.

Listen to 'The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I' HERE

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