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Until We Fall - A Memory

Until We Fall have released their very first single 'A Memory'.


Until We Fall have released their debut hard rock single 'A Memory'. Founded by two long time friends, Until We Fall are bursting onto the scene with a vibrant and anthemic single. The pair draw influence internationally as well as taking inspiration from within the Australian heavy music scene. 'A Memory' is a song that will take you on a sonic journey. The tracks starts off as this upbeat piece with a vibrant pop rock melody and raspy vocals. As 'A Memory' progresses though we get into the hard rock sound. Everything gets fired up and before you know it you're listening to this huge track complete with strings and a choir that's so far from where it started. Every piece of the puzzle fits together perfectly with this one, which I think is so hard to do when there is so many different elements involved. In amongst all the sparkle there's a chorus that will get "just a memory" stuck in your head and have you singing it all day. I really like this song from Until We Fall and you can tell that the pair have years of experience working together.

Listen to 'A Memory' HERE

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