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Hell-ios - Sleeping With The Silence

Hell-ios have released their first single since 2021, and 'Sleeping With The Silence' is an anthem for those stuck in the day to day.


Bristol noise makers Hell-ios have released their first single in over two years 'Sleeping With The Silence'. Formed in 2019, Hell-ios originally made their debut at Glastonbury Festival. After 2021, they took a little break to focus on their sound, now they are back and stronger than ever with their anthemic single 'Sleeping With The Silence'.

"'Sleeping With The Silence' takes on the day to day monotony and relentless horror provided by news outlets. SWTS lyrical content places itself in a liminal, nightmare space between the waking hours and sleep of our everyday lives. Relating to the feelings of fear, catharsis and anger we all experience working our jobs and forgoing our dream selves, 'Sleeping With The Silence' is a statement on the daily rinse and repeat of what our world is experiencing." - (Ali Fewell, Vocals/Production & Ben Shiels, Drums/Vocals)

'Sleeping With The Silence' is heavy alt-rock and I love everything about it. You can tell these guys have worked hard to find their sound and this one comes at you like a punch in the face. I like the little hardcore edge that can be heard at parts and the single is very much British heavy alt-rock. The chant of the title in the chorus makes this song stick in your head and is a big reason why I keep going back and listening again and again. 'Sleeping With The Silence' is a powerful anthem about day to day struggles that people face and it's one people will be chanting along with.

Listen to 'Sleeping With The Silence' HERE

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