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Released: January 2024

Rating: 8.5/10



  1. At The Footsteps

  2. Sanctuary

  3. Devoured

  4. Black Hills

  5. Ghost to Ghost

  6. The Ordeal

  7. Neon Judas

  8. The Wilderness

Finland's GARDENHEAD released their atmospheric debut album last month. GARDENHEAD are a band that are hard to fit into a genre. The group clearly draw influence from bands like Tool, especially vocally, but their sound overall is very unique. Taking some rock, some metal and a large dose of prog the group from Helsinki, Finland have completely caught my attention. GARDENHEADs debut album opens with the curious track 'At The Footsteps'. I found myself wondering what to expect as the track built before the drums came crashing in with a force, letting me know this was going to be heavy. GARDENHEAD however had me fooled because the instrumentals were quickly joined by these innocent sounding vocals delivering such a powerful range. From this first track I was very excited to see what else was to come. Following on is a prog type of hardcore track, 'Sanctuary'. This sound is most common throughout the album and GARDENHEAD show what to me, is a modern rock take on 90's grunge rock. 'Sanctuary' much like others on the album is a song that kept my excitement high throughout. This one in particular has this vocal rawness and emotion that honestly is addictive. Vocally I couldn't help but be reminded of specifically the chorus of Faith No More track 'Epic'. GARDENHEAD display that early 90's mix of harsh gritty vocals and soft harmonies, which is very impressive. Another one I really liked on this album is a little bit more experimental sounding, almost math rocky, 'Ghost to Ghost'. It's got an atmospheric feeling that just lures you in, the intricate guitars with the soft flowing vocals feel like they were meant to fit together. Then the track builds into this huge emotion driven rock chorus, while never losing its beautiful intricacy. 'Ghost to Ghost' is a seriously gorgeous track that makes you want to shout along with the chorus. The last one that I would say I am a fan of on GARDENHEADs self-titled debut is 'Neon Judas'. This one opens very differently with some electronics and an infectious pop vocal melody. Then the drums come in slowly building the track up with a marching beat, before it explodes with bright guitars and modern hard rock energy. I really enjoyed the upbeat vibe of this one and how it feels a little more like a popular radio rock song, showing that GARDENEHAD really do seem able to do it all. Overall, I have to say that GARDENHEADs self-titled debut is an experience which pulls you directly into their art. This is a stunning album with some seriously impressive stand-out tracks. Every song on this album has powerful moments and to me it's shocking that this is only the band's debut album release. GARDENHEAD sound to me, like a group that know what they are doing and have created not only a great album but an album that could see the band winning over many new fans.

Listen to GARDENHEADs self-titled album HERE


Picture by Jussi Ratilainen

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