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Four Way Mirror - Somewhere In Between

Album Name: Somewhere In Between

Artist: Four Way Mirror

Released: March 2024

Label: Lockup Records

Rating: 7/10



  1. Charlie

  2. Sweet Nothing

  3. Running Away

  4. Changing Colours

  5. Polarity

  6. The Calling

  7. Disintegration

  8. Fields of Dreams

  9. Disconnect

Four Way Mirror show off their versatility with new debut album 'Somewhere In Between'. From Ireland, Four Way Mirror are a new alt-rock band with a sound that covers a diverse spectrum. Combining their unique sound with thought-provoking lyrics the group have just released a nine-track album where no two songs are the same.

"We're thrilled to share our new music with the world. This album is a reflection of who we are as a band and where we're heading. We can't wait for everyone to hear it." - (Saoirse Murray, Lead Vocalist & Bassist)

Opening the debut album is 'Charlie' which is a cool alt/hard rock track that allowed me instantly to see that this is a band with potential. I didn't really get into their sound however till the second track 'Sweet Nothing', the fourth and most recent single from Four Way Mirror has something special about it. It gives me early 2000's rock vibes, comparable to the likes of Seether. The opening verse with the soft guitar and growly and kind of sleazy hard rock vocals had me hooked. I do think 'Sweet Nothing' is lacking a bit of power in the chorus which I think would've taken it from a good song to a great song though. It's almost as if they were trying too hard, but it's still a really enjoyable song. 'Running Away' quickly steers the album in a new direction. This is more guitar fueled rock and from start I was intrigued by it. 'Running Away' has an energy that I could imagine making it really fun to see live. A more typical alt-rock track on 'Somewhere In Between' is 'Polarity'. This one is more heavy on the synths and feels very emotion driven vocally. Too be honest at first I wasn't very sure whether I liked this track or not but I am happy to say that it grew on me. Much like a lot of the songs on the album the vocals are so good and I would've actually liked to hear them take a bit more of a center stage over the instrumentals in the chorus of 'Polarity'. This one has the ability to be an emotional anthem and is again one I could imagine being so good live. The next track on 'Somewhere In Between' is my personal favourite 'The Calling'. This one is so interesting and had my attention from the first note. It's fuzzy and a little grungy while also being slow and drawn out in the intro, in a way that demands your attention. It doesn't stay this way for long though and I will say 'The Calling' is a track that will keep you guessing as it never stays in one place too long. The high-energy it delivers is completely backed up by the fast beat of the drums and the power of the shouting vocals. I'm going to jump to the end of the album and talk about 'Fields of Dreams' which in my opinion is easily the darkest toned track on 'Somewhere In Between'. The intro builds up with a rain sound effect in the background giving a sort of eerie feeling. Vocally again this one is powerful and the harsh vocal tone with the strong emotion makes you listen to the lyrics. As much as it seems to brighten up about halfway through though, 'Fields of Dreams' overall just has a very melancholy feel to it and I really like it. It adds another layer to Four Way Mirrors already diverse sound. 'Somewhere In Between' is overall a great showcase of what Four Way Mirror are offering. I really liked how there was a lot of variation between the tracks. I've said it a few times but I am a big fan of the vocals and the 2000's rock sound that these guys have, my only downside is that at times I felt like things were getting lost in the mix. Four Way Mirror are a band I will definitely be keeping an ear out for though as I think they have a lot of potential. This is only their debut release.

Listen to 'Somewhere In Between' HERE

Four Way Mirror are

Saoirse Murray: Lead Vocals & Bass Darren Connor: Lead Guitar Ben McCarthy: Drums

Four Way Mirror online

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