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Myriad - The Joker

Myriad have released their highly anticipated next single 'The Joker'


After some cryptic messaging on their social media Myriad have released their second single since their visual change 'The Joker'. Myriad have returned doing what they love, releasing music. After their previous releases catapulting their Spotify listeners from 500 to 10,000 they are now bringing a track which could easily be their biggest release to date. New song 'The Joker' which became available today (May 13th) takes inspiration from artists such as Halsey, Inhaler, Maggie Linderman and poutyface. This is the groups first song to include a trap beat and it is also complete with heavy synth and intense lyrics. This is in my opinion Myriad's most upbeat song yet and is an anthem for any indie rock lover.

"This song is a pure 2022 indie anthem, it's about a modern relationship where a woman takes control and creates an intense dynamic. The song has a sound that we have been leaning towards for a while now. Plenty of synth, and a catchy guitar lick that will be stuck in your head for days." - (David, Vocalist)

This new track 'The Joker' feels a little different from things I have heard from Myriad before and honestly I really like it. This new sound the group are leaning into really works for them and the upbeat drums and happy feeling guitar makes 'The Joker' something that's really fun and catchy to listen to. For me this is my favourite song I have ever heard from them and the energy which it has could easily make this their best and biggest song yet. It's one that I will be singing along with for a long time and the upbeat tune feels perfect for coming into summer and listening to on a warm day.

Myriad upcoming shows

Friday 27th May - Engine Rooms, Southampton Saturday 9th July - Icebreaker Festival, Portsmouth

Listen to 'The Joker' HERE

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