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Beach Hotel - Be Fine

EP Name: Be Fine

Artist: Beach Hotel Benji Taylor: Vocals & Guitar Robbie Thompson: Bass Will Fox: Drums

Released: May 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Sober

  2. Under The Covers

  3. 11:30

  4. Beer Bottles

  5. Crane Drive

  6. Distractions

Beach Hotel's EP 'Be Fine' creates an image of youth and growing up using alt/indie tracks and honest lyrics. 'Be Fine' was released back in May of 2021 and is the bands most recent release to date.

Formed in October 2020 Beach Hotel are a three piece alt rock band based in London. The trio's debut single '95 Miles' which came out in 2021 led to the band being offered various gigs across the South. This led to Beach Hotel creating a small following before they jumped back into the studio to record their EP 'Be Fine'. The band have a mix of influences and their sound combines a mix of punchy yet delicate indie rock which is complimented by honest lyrics. I would say the whole EP is full of storytelling and creates an image of youth. This is most apparent in opening track 'Sober' and 'Crane Drive'. 'Sober' seems to be the most chilled out track on the EP welcoming you with the peaceful sound of birds and it has a calming melody throughout. 'Crane Drive' feels more hopeful than 'Sober' but still has this easy to follow storytelling type rhythm to it. The lyrics make it easy to put yourself in the situation of the character and overall this is one of my favourite tracks to listen to on the EP. 'Be Fine' also contains some more upbeat songs as well. Such as 'Under The Covers' or the catchy '11:30'. My favourite on the EP however has to be closing track 'Distractions'. From the pretty intro guitar I had a really good feeling about this one. Lyrically it feels relatable and is one that you could imagine screaming along with in a crowd. The drums on this one keep the momentum and even has a really cool almost breakdown like moment. 'Distractions' may be my favourite but 'Under The Covers' comes a close second. This one is upbeat and again makes you want to scream along with the lyrics. Beach Hotel are a great indie/alt band that I would recommend checking out. Vocally I couldn't help but get a kind of Placebo vibe. Their mix of upbeat tunes and lyrics that feel real and relatable while creating images you can totally fall into I think is really cool. So if you haven't heard of these guys before go check out the debut EP 'Be Fine'.

Listen to 'Be Fine' HERE

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