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Small Talk - Paris

Small Talk are releasing their follow up single to debut 'Headstart'. The nostalgic bittersweet anthem 'Paris' will be available on the 13th of May.


The indie rock four-piece Small Talk are releasing their second single 'Paris' on the 13th of May and this one feels even more exciting than their debut, really showing off what these guys can do. Formed during the covid-19 pandemic Small Talk are part of a new generation of guitar driven indie rock. Delivering euphoric melodies, catchy hooks and lyrics drenched in teenage angst this Bournemouth four-piece are definitely a band that should be on every indie rock lovers radar. Small Talk began when school friends Ben Lewis (vocals and bass) and Ali Barron (guitar) shared a passion for the same genre of music and a dream to be in a touring band. They began writing songs together and were later joined by Jack Babbe (guitar) and Harry Whitton (drums) which completed the line up. The indie four-piece started off with a bang with their debut single 'Headstart' appearing on local, independant and national radio across the world. They've also supported major label bands such as The Hara at some of the south coast's biggest venues. 'Paris' is a song I fell in love with instantly with large euphoric melodies and clever lyricism what's not to love? The track is about the desperation of wanting a second chance and it feels as though it belongs on a big stage with a crowd singing along at the top of their lungs. With a rhythm that is easy to bop along with and lyrics that tell a story 'Paris' is a song I could imagine a lot of people loving, much like I do. I really enjoyed the four-piece's debut 'Headstart' but 'Paris' feels so much stronger and I feel as though I'm listening to something released by a band with a much larger discography than this only being their second single.

"'Paris' is all about the desperation of wanting a second chance. I'm trying to say that I know it ended badly the first time round but maybe we could try again because we've both changed. It's reliving those memories through rose tinted glasses which makes it difficult to return to the place where the relatonship blossomed." - (Ben Lewis, Frontman)

For any indie-rock lover 'Paris' is 100% a song you should be adding to your playlists and listening to when it is released on the 13th. I feel like I've said this before about Small Talk but these four are a band that get me excited and are definitely a group to watch out for. It feels to me as though they are destined for really big things. Band Line Up

Ben Lewis: Vocals & Bass Ali Barron: Guitar Jack Babbe: Guitar Harry Whitton: Drums

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