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Audiokicks - Hardest Game

Aberdeen based four piece indie-alt band Audiokicks are releasing their next single and video 'Hardest Game' by the 30th of April.


The next track 'Hardest Game' from Audiokicks will be released on the 29th of April and comes complete with a fun, uplifiting music video which will drop on the 30th. Audiokicks are a four piece indie-alternative rock band from Aberdeen, Scotland. The group have been releasing music together since 2015 with their self-titled album coming out that same year. Audiokicks now have two albums to their name the self titled one and 'Lost to This World' (2019). 'Hardest Game' will be their first release since 2021 single 'Grow'. It was recently announced that the four piece have signed to local independant label Fat Hippy Records and this will be their debut with them. Audiokicks are a band I have enjoyed for a while now. I very quickly became a fan of their music after seeing them perform live late last year at Krakatoa, Aberdeen. Personally being such a fan of theirs I was very excited to see what they would bring with this new song and I am pleased to say that it is just as good as I had hoped for. I have previously described Audiokicks as being a very emotional band with a lot of meaningful lyrics and emotion driven guitar lines. 'Hardest Game' however to me feels like something more fun and upbeat, the video that will accompany the song has a story that will have you unable to stop smiling. The track and video both have this heartwarming, wholesome energy. The song opens with a guitar line that I found impossible not to dance along with and when the catchy chorus kicks in I instantly wanted to be screaming along with the words. 'Hardest Game' seems to be a song about not giving up which is shown within every aspect of the song including the lyrics "So tell me if I'm wrong/ To fight for everyone I love/ Cause I won't ever be that man that's giving up" (Hopefully I have the lyrics right). As I said previously Audiokicks are a band I personally love and one I would very highly recommend checking out. Their new song 'Hardest Game' has me smiling throughout and as always they have delivered music that really makes you feel something. As well as listening to the song when it drops you can pre save it and make sure you check out the video which will be out on the 30th of April, it really is something fun and special!

Pre Save 'Hardest Game' HERE

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