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Myriad - Red Hoodie

Rising indie four-piece Myriad released their bright new single 'Red Hoodie' earlier this month.


Myriad have recently released their third installment 'Red Hoodie' from their upcoming EP 'Move to LA'. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Kooks, Razorlight, Declan Mckenna and Wallows, Myriad blend together modern indie with indie sounds from the 2000's in 'Red Hoodie'. Myriad are known for the relatable and modern tales they tell with their songs and 'Red Hoodie' is no different. This one talks about finding a possession of someones after your relationship with them is over.

"'Red Hoodie' is a song for when you split with that one person, and months later you find something of theirs in your possession and it reminds you of the good times you had with them, even though it's all over." - (Myriad)

'Red Hoodie' is a vibrant and energetic true indie track. It's got a sing-a-long quality and delivers that bittersweet feeling of remembering the good times with someone that's no longer in your life. I think if you've listened to Myriad before you will like this song, it's very them, and it makes a nice addition to their discography. With the release of 'Red Hoodie', 'We'll Be Okay' and 'Midnight Messages' I think we can expect a bright and enjoyable EP from the South Coast four-piece that I am personally very excited for.

'Red Hoodie' (Official Music Video)

Myriad 2024 Tour

2nd December 2023 - London - 93 Feet East 5th January 2024 - Southampton - Papillon

(More dates to be announced)

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