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Nory-J - irrelevant, benevolent

British indie pop artist Nory-J has released their newest and boundary pushing single 'irrelevant, benevolent'.


Nory-J has released their most recent single 'irrelevant, benevolent' which creates a vibrant and chill escape. Recently gaining global attention with 35,000 streams and over 9000 monthly listeners Nory-J presents a sort of British indie/dream pop soundscape with their music. You may have heard Nory-J before, as his track 'Secrecy and I' has played throughout Co-Op stores in the UK on Hit Radio as Hattie Pearson named him as her 'Off the Shelf' artist. To create his very unique sound Nory-J combines elements of Shoegaze, Indie Pop and Jazz while taking influence from artists such as Gus Dapperton, Easy Life and The 1975. New single 'irrelevant, benevolent' takes a Bedroom Pop/Lofi direction while talking from the perspective of an unstable romance fed to a biased third party. The first thing I thought when hearing 'irrelevant, benevolent' was how unique it sounds. The track is easily pushing genre boundaries with a sort of vibrant lounge energy. There are these infectious uplifting vocals that with the clever lyricism have this fun pop that molds with the complex yet chilled out sounding instrumentals. This is a really interesting track that I don't know if I love but I want to keep going back and listening to it over again. There's something about Nory-J's uplifting and almost cheeky feeling energy that has me pretty hooked. I would recommend giving 'irrelevant, benevolent' a listen for yourself and maybe you'll also get drawn in by the colourful indie/dream pop.

Listen to 'irrelevant, benevolent' HERE

'irrelevent, benevolent' credits

Nory-J: Lyrics & Music Guy Courtie: Production, Percussion, Bass, Backing Vocals Henry Mills: Piano Solo Nory-J, Guy Courtie, Jodie Meillor: Samples

Nory-J online

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