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Matt Peet - Falling In Love (With You)

Matt Peet gently tells an introspective story with his atmospheric new single 'Falling In Love (With You)', which will be released on the 15th of September.


New single 'Falling In Love (With You)' from indie artist Matt Peet will be released on the 15th of September. Matt Peet is a rising indie artist from the UK. His releases, including 2023's EP 'Love Online', captures contemporary experience making Matt Peet's music perfect for the modern listener. Matt Peet's songwriting is introspective as the artist seemingly isn't afraid to be vulnerable within his songs and I think this level of relatability is loved when it comes to finding your new favourite song. 'Falling In Love (With You)' is bright sounding and atmospheric. This song is very signature Matt Peet, he uses smart lyricism with catchy melodies and once again he has all round created a really enjoyable song to listen to. While listening to 'Falling In Love (With You)' I got this sense of floating, like the song was just carrying me with its story and instrumentals. This is a radio friendly indie song that even when focusing on a challenging issue (modern drinking culture) it manages to stay bright and hopeful.

"This song isn't by any means a glorification of getting lost in the bottle, but more a personal account of my experience. And where my head was at when I was struggling with anxiety and using drinking to cover it up in social scenarious. I believe this is more common than people realize and hopefully the track lets people know that they are not alone in this." - (Matt Peet)

'Falling In Love (With You)' will be released on the 15th of September and is one worth checking out. If you've never heard of Matt Peet before and are a fan of modern indie, then you should go have a listen to his discography and maybe you'll get hooked on his smart and catchy tracks.

Pre save 'Falling In Love (With You) HERE

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