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Human Dinosaur Machine - Ventilator

Human Dinosaur Machine are releasing their energetic new track 'Ventilator' on the 23rd of September.


On the 23rd of September Human Dinosaur Machine will be releasing their anticipated new track 'Ventilator'. From Lismore, Australia, Human Dinosaur Machine have been gaining attention with their previous release 'Spaghetti'. The cult hit saw the band make #5 on the Amrap Community Radio Charts and 'Spaghetti' also received radio play on Triple J's Unearthed. Human Dinosaur Machine draw inspiration from early 2000's emo and post-punk including artists such as Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins and The Used to create their unique and quirky sound. 'Ventilator' will be the first single from Human Dinosaur Machine's upcoming LP. Setting the tone for the upcoming release 'Ventilator' is energetic and complete with fast dance style grooves and I thought the whole song felt like that exciting moment pre-breakdown. 'Ventilator' is bass driven, chaotic punk fueled rock. It's loud and fast but you can easily hear melodic emo elements inspired by the early 2000's. These guys are interesting, and they don't stick to any stereotypical sound, allowing their songs to be truly emotive and expressive. You can listen to 'Ventilator' from the 23rd of September but why not in the meantime check out Human Dinosaur Machine's previously released music. I personally recommend the enchanting 'Desecrate Me'.

Pre save 'Ventilator' HERE

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