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Myriad - Midnight Messages

Indie rock band Myriad have released their first song 'Midnight Messages' from their upcoming EP and it's also their first ever collab!


On the 10th of March Myriad released their first instalment from their upcoming EP. 'Midnight Messages' is an upbeat, indie pop anthem that sees the band in their first ever collab. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dayglow, Ekkstacy and Declan McKenna 'Midnight Messages' is easily one of Myriad's catchiest tracks to date. The song also features good friend of the band Crissy Ricafort.

"this song is our first ever collaboration featuring our good friend Crissy Ricafort, it's about a modern relationship in 2023 where romantic developments seemingly happen over text. The song is about all of the ups and downs, misunderstandings, and obsessions that happen at midnight when we're talking with that one person." - (David, Lead Vocalist)

This new track from Myriad is very modern indie rock/pop. It's catchy with upbeat synth and guitars. From the opening drum beat you know you're in for a fun listen. I like the fact it's a collab and I really enjoyed Crissy Ricaforts vocals, I think they really add a nice tone to the track. Not only is 'Midnight Messages' catchy but with the use of the collab it has this storytelling ability, as if you can hear the story from both sides. I like this track and it's a cool first piece from the upcoming EP. It's probably not my favourite from Myriad but it's fun and is one I would listen to again.

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