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Matt Peet - Love Online

EP Name: Love Online

Artist: Matt Peet

Released: February 2023

Label: Headline Records

Rating: 7/10



  1. Wanted

  2. I Never Knew

  3. Good Yesterday

  4. Dear Ella

  5. Love Online

Up-and-coming indie artist Matt Peet is releasing his first EP 'Love Online' on the 24th of February. With a familiar yet original guitar driven sound, combined with hard hitting drums, enchanting synth and thought-provoking lyrics, Matt Peet uses his music to describe living in the modern world in your twenties. New EP 'Love Online' focuses more specifically on dating in today's age especially the unavoidable world of dating apps and finding people online. Matt Peet is an artist I enjoy so I was quite excited to hear what would be in this five-track debut EP, and too be honest it was basically what I expected. Most of the songs on 'Love Online' are upbeat indie tracks with great lyrics and storytelling. Songs like opener 'Wanted' and third track 'Good Yesterday' have feel-good instrumentals and smart lyricism and are all round enjoyable songs but in my opinion could easily fade away into Matt Peet's discography. On the other hand, there are songs like 'I Never Knew' which feel a little bit groovier and have a sort of blues beat. I wasn't too sure on this one at first, but it definitely grew on me. It's a chill feeling love song and in a way kind of reminds me of something Ed Sheeran would write melodically. My favourites on 'Love Online' though, have to be the title track and 'Dear Ella'. Closer and title track 'Love Online' is an acoustic one with very relatable lyrics to anyone that's dated in this age. It's a song that's easy to get lost in the story of, and I personally really enjoyed the lyricism in this, which is why I really liked the way the instrumentals kind of take a back seat letting you focus on the vocals. With a more rock, guitar driven sound 'Dear Ella' is probably my absolute favourite on this EP. Written with inspiration from a letter that Matt Peet couldn't bring himself to send to an ex it has some really clever lyrical moments and a super catchy beat. 'Dear Ella' will get stuck in your head and is a song to be played again and again.

"the lyrics are earnest and probably a bit provocative. I wanted them to embody the highs, lows and sense of hope I felt at the time of writing the letter. Even though I knew she'd found someone else, I wanted to believe that she wasn't as happy with him and that she would find her way back to me. In a nutshell, I wanted to write this song because I feel that these are difficult emotions to process that people have to deal with and I wanted them to know that they are not alone." - (Matt Peet on 'Dear Ella')

Overall, would I recommend checking this EP out when it drops on the 24th? Definitely. I think Matt Peet is an artist to be looking out for. I don't think I've heard a single song from him that doesn't have the potential to get stuck in your head and I could imagine almost all of them on the radio. 'Love Online' contains some bangers that you don't want to miss out on, especially if you're in your twenties (like me) then this music is 100% going to be relatable and with the stories and catchy beats Matt Peet will keep you returning for more.

Pre save 'Love Online' HERE

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