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Touch The Buffalo - In Six Heads About It

DC based rock band Touch The Buffalo's track 'In Six Heads About It' gives a combination of their signature ukulele sound with emotionally charged lyrics.


'In Six Heads About It' from DC rock band Touch The Buffalo takes their signature ukulele sound and combines it with gravelly vocals and a rock riff. The song which is reminiscent of classic Mumford and Sons came out earlier this year ahead of their upcoming EP. Touch The Buffalo have been around for a few years with their first official release being a three-track EP 'Ulrich' back in 2017. This EP earned the band a spot at the Celebrate Fairfax Music Festival which had headliners such as Good Charlotte, Sugar Ray and Gin Blossoms. Touch The Buffalo has a unique and cool sound combining elements from genre's like, garage, grunge, punk, classic rock, indie and dance. 'In Six Heads About It' is taken from the groups upcoming EP 'Bodhicitta'. The EP seeks to explore some of the complex human experiences that the world, and as individuals we went through since the start of the Covid Pandemic. 'In Six Heads About It' tries to capture the feeling of a descent into madness.

"lyrically, structurally and emotionally is trying to capture the feeling of a descent into madness." - (Touch The Buffalo)

This track from Touch The Buffalo is one I am so happy to have had the chance to check out. From the bright opening ukulele, I was absolutely hooked (I am a sucker for a ukulele). Quickly as a listener you're introduced to the interesting repetitive lyrical style that 'In Six Heads About It' has. This structure really helps deliver that sort of feeling of "a descent into madness" and also makes it a song that's easy to sing along with. I love how this track at moments feels cute and warm, but it also has this big classic indie rock chorus that is definitely reminiscent of bands like Mumford and Sons. The chorus of 'In Six Heads About It' also shows off a lot of emotion giving more of a depth to the track. This is a song I am not ashamed to say I am obsessed with, and I highly recommend checking this one out.

'In Six Heads About It'

Touch the Buffalo are

Jon Johnson - Lead Singer, Ukulele & Keys George Rhodes - Guitar & Backing Vocals Tyler Beard - Drums & Backing Vocals

Listen to 'In Six Heads About It' HERE

Touch The Buffalo online

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