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King Fuzz - I See Red

Up and coming hard rock band from Leeds, King Fuzz tap into their Biffy Clyro influence with newest single 'I See Red'.


King Fuzz have released their next epic hard rock track 'I See Red'. Based in Leeds, King Fuzz are a hard-hitting rock band that burst onto the scene in 2021. The three-piece who met at University have been successful in winning over local crowds and are now wanting to push their music out to a wider audience. King Fuzz have begun gaining a following from playing live shows including headlining Headrow House in 2023 for their debut single release. New song 'I See Red' seems to lean more in the punk rock direction like the band's debut single 'Victory of the Sun' but 'I See Red' is larger and clearly influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro. The singles big guitar intro begs you to listen, and I could imagine this feeling very powerful live. The six-minute song changes up pace a couple times becoming more punk rock and back to the anthemic hard rock. The chorus of 'I See Red' feels a little bit too chaotic for my liking but the rest of the song I love. I can hear a lot of potential, as this is only King Fuzz's third single, I think they could have a successful future ahead of them. I've mentioned Biffy Clyro a lot in this post, but I can't help but hear the similarities especially in the guitars, so if you're a fan of bands like them or Royal Blood, Foo Fighters etc. Check King Fuzz out.

Listen to 'I See Red' HERE

King Fuzz are

Cameron Falconer - Guitar & Vocals Joe Stott: Bass Jack Hendy: Drums, Percussion

King Fuzz online

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