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Deadfire - B.M.F

Deadfire are delivering another dose of dirty, good time rock n roll with their single 'B.M.F', which will be available to listen to from the 1st of December.


Upcoming single 'B.M.F' will see Deadfire end 2023 with a banger. This hard rock track is guaranteed to have you singing along. The Aberdonian hard rockers may have been around for almost a decade now, but it seems that ever since emerging from the pandemic these guys have been getting bigger and better. 2022 saw the release of singles 'Live Or Die' and fan favourite 'Anxiety Society'. Now in 2023 under the management of Rockfiend they have released yet another popular track 'Pro[Pain]', and I can see 'B.M.F' being just as loved if not more. The four-piece recorded 'B.M.F' in Edinburgh with Mark Marrow earlier this year. 'B.M.F' opens with a powerful bass groove before the guitars come in and the whole track just explodes with the energy that Deadfire are known for. Much like other tracks from the Aberdonian four-piece 'B.M.F' is guitar driven rock n roll that will grab your attention. The chorus is catchy and comes in hard with that "Bad Mother F*cker" line that will refuse to leave your head and have you singing it under your breathe all day. As the song goes on it just gets more and more addictive and having had the priviledge of being able to hear it a few times already I can say that this is a song that deserves to be stuck on repeat.

Pre Save 'B.M.F' HERE

Deadfire are

Charlie: Vocals Rich: Guitar Oi: Bass Tunk: Drums

Deadfire online

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