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INDIGO - Too Late?

INDIGO head in a modern direction with their quirky new track 'Too Late?'.


INDIGO have just released their third single 'Too Late?'. Formed in January of 2024, INDIGO provide a modern adaptation to the Seattle sound. Their music is firmly rooted in the 90's but they aren't afraid to add their own modern elements to their songs. New track 'Too Late?' feels the most modern of INDIGO's releases, the quirky riff opening with the fuzzy talking vocals makes this song feel very different. As heard on previous INDIGO releases this is a band with a very strong vocalist, and these vocals are shown off on this track over the bouncy alternative rhythm that carries the song. This is one that people are going to love, it's modern with a 90's edge and 'Too Late?' demands your attention. I am a big fan of this band and this track has to be my favourite of their releases so far, it's addictive and I will be going back for more.

Listen to 'Too Late?' HERE

INDIGO online

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