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Gnarlah - FR33K

Nu-metal group Gnarlah are making a comeback with their brand new single 'FR33K'.


'FR33K' is Gnarlah's first release since 2022 and what a single to come back with. After being away for a couple of years Gnarlah seem to have changed up their sound. I checked out the bands previous music before writing this and they seemed to be an alt-rock band that leaned a little on the heavy side, but it wasn't something I would have necessarily considered heavy music. With their new release however, it seems that Gnarlah are embracing a more Nu-metal style. I am absolutely loving 'FR33K', it opens up with a bass and drum, alt sound that's reminiscent of music from the 90's but then the chorus comes in and changes the whole vibe of the song. Very quickly you are thrown from this funky bass driven track into something that feels very now Nu-metal. I can't lie my jaw hit the floor, I did not see this track going in the direction it has and I am so impressed and very pleasantly surprised. 'FR33K' is one of those songs where I had to keep going back and listening again and again just to fully appreciate it, this one is so up my street and I think that Gnarlah have done a great job. I am very excited to see where Gnarlah take their music in the future.

Listen to 'FR33K' HERE

Gnarlah online

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