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XIII Doors - Lead The Way

New hard rock/metal band from Ireland XIII Doors recently released their uplifting debut single 'Lead The Way'.


XIII Doors are giving listeners a first look into their musical journey with debut single 'Lead The Way'. Born from the vision of multi-instrumentalist and singer DJ O'Sullivan, XIII Doors was created with the purpose of igniting inspiration in others and encouraging people to follow their dreams. O'Sullivan was raised in the West of Ireland by a musical family and as well as fusing hard rock and metal in XIII Doors he draws inspiration from some traditional music: Irish, Arabic and Hindustani to name a few. The group are now formed as a four-piece and are ready to show off what they can do and inspire. Released on the 1st of September 'Lead The Way' is a high energy and uplifting track that is a great way to debut XIII Doors. As 'Lead The Way' begins it would be easy to mistake it for an Alter Bridge song but it's quickly laden with classic metal type vocals letting XIII Doors show off their own style. 'Lead The Way' quickly soars into this uplifting and anthemic chorus that's chanting, "Lead the way, leave the past behind". All in all, I thought this was a very good hard rock/metal track with an uplifting energy and is one I highly recommend checking out. If you're a fan of the likes of Alter Bridge, Tremonti or Daughtry then I can almost guarantee that you will like XIII Doors. 'Lead The Way' is the debut single from XIII Doors and their debut album is anticipated to be released in March of 2024, so while listening to 'Lead The Way' give the guys a follow on social media and keep an ear out for their upcoming album.

'Lead The Way' (Official Video)

Listen to 'Lead The Way' HERE

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