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In Charge - Something's Coming My Way

In Charge are fully charged with their new single 'Something's Coming My Way'.


Following on from their previous single 'Wondering What You're Thinking', In Charge stay strong with highly charged 'Something's Coming My Way'. After gaining attention from the Daily Record newspaper with their single 'Wondering What You're Thinking', In Charge are keeping the momentum going with their next release 'Something's Coming My Way'. This new single is the band's first recorded release with their full line-up. The song was put together at Sound Shape Productions in Greenock where the group worked with producer James Mackenzie. Following on from this release the band will be playing two shows: The Bangalow, Paisley, on the 17th of August and Venue 38, Ayr on the 18th of August.

"With this song we want to set the tone for what is to come from this band - pure and raw rock music." - (In Charge)

New track 'Something's Coming My Way' which was released on the 4th of August is a commanding hard rock record. The piece I would best describe as hard dad rock that you can dance to is energized with bold guitar riffs and pounding drums. This song even comes complete with a bright guitar solo and a rhythm that's impossible not to move along to. Even compared to In Charge's last release I can see some growth and these guys are heading in the right direction.

Listen to 'Something's Coming My Way' HERE

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