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Wolforna - Writing On The Wall

Wolforna have just released their most ambitious track to date 'Writing On The Walls'.


Hard rock four-piece Wolforna have just released their new single 'Writing On The Walls'. This track is the bands most ambitious piece to date, layered with synth and intriguing hooks it definitely feels more grown up than previous single 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' or any other previous releases. Wolforna came together in January 2019. The group from Leeds started out as a three-piece acoustic band before adding another member and growing into the heavy hitting, hard rock outift we know today. Wolforna's music blends a classic rock n roll style rhythm guitar with strong bright lead undertones and crisp melodic vocals. This group are one I get excited about everytime I hear there's a new release coming. After the release of 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' last December Wolforna headed back to the studio to record the long awaited release. In my opinion this new track 'Writing On The Walls' feels more chilled out than things I have heard previously but also kind of more grown up. The intro and verse catch your attention gently before the instruments start to grow and 'Writing On The Walls' becomes this large track that shows how the band have developed their sound even further. I love the light lead guitar through the verses as it creates this interesting melody always keeping your attention on what's happening and the chorus is one you'll be singing along with in no time! To support the release of 'Writing On The Walls' Wolforna will be playing at The Grayston Unity, Halifax.

Listen to 'Writing On The Walls' HERE

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