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Small Talk - Headstart

Bournemouth indie rock four-piece Small Talk have released relatable debut single 'Headstart'.


New Bournemouth based indie rock band Small Talk have released their debut single 'Headstart' which tells a story of love, loss, heartbreak, loneliness and inferiority in a world where everyone is constantly trying to better each other. Formed during the pandemic this group bring a new generation of guitar-driven indie music. Created by school friends Ben Lewis and Ali Barron with a passion for the same genre the pair began writing songs together. They were later joined by Harry Whitton and Jack Babbe before recording this first debut single and playing in venues around Bournemouth. This four-piece delivers euphoric melodies, catchy hooks and lyrics drenched in teenage angst.

"Headstart was written at a time when I just felt inferior to everyone. It seemed everyone I knew on social media was moving on with their lives and doing amazing things while I was stuck in the same place. It kind of tackles that issue through the eyes of someone who went through a difficult relationship and experienced this downfall." - (Ben Lewis, Vocals & Bass)

In my opinion 'Headstart' is a really great debut single. Small Talk clearly understand the sound they want to go for and are creating music that feels more matured than a lot of brand new bands. I personally loved the hopeful yet sad tone to the track. The lyrics are something that I think anyone in specifically this generation can relate to. We all are bad for comparing our lives to others and not just living in the moment. 'Headstart' is catchy especially when the chorus comes in with "You got a headstart, and I did a faceplant". This is one that will have you bopping your head along as you listen to the story being told. If you're into artists such as; Sea Girls, The DMA's, Catfish and the Bottlemen or The Wombats check this track out and look out for what Small Talk will be bringing in the future as I definitely will be.

Band Line Up

Ben Lewis: Vocals & Bass Ali Barron: Guitar Jack Babbe: Guitar Harry Whitton: Drums

Listen to 'Headstart' HERE

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