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Flashcards - Leo

Brand new indie-pop band Flashcards have released their debut single 'Leo'.


Brand new indie-pop band Flashcards are a four-piece from Leeds. As seen with this debut single 'Leo' they combine rock sounds with pop and synth elements to create this sound that could almost belong in any era and crosses genre's. Formed late last year Flashcards are a band that are crossing genre's taking their own twist on indie music. They have many influences which gives them this unique sound. Kind of like The Strokes meets John Denver, with a little bit of Declan McKenna and a splash of Republica thrown in there. 'Leo' is a track that draws from personal experience and has a strong narrative telling an interesting story of falling for someone.

"We really wanted to write something fresh, with various aesthetics from different music eras, that felt like a personal take on the genre. 'Leo' is an indie rock song about falling for a boy who doesn't know how to open up." (Drew Swords, Vocalist)

For me this song feels vibrant and definitely something fresh. I really enjoyed how it feels like a stereotypical indie song but the use of pop melodies adds this whole other dimension that gives it this uplifting, colourful escape. This one is something a little bit different and for a debut single it really stands out. Vocally I got this almost Bowie like vibe which I found really interesting and too be honest 'Leo' to me feels like it's crossing the gap between 70's pop and nowadays indie. After hearing this I would say that Flashcards are 100% a band to be excited about.

Flashcards have their first gig at The Lending Room in Leeds on the 13th of May so if you're in the area go check them out.

Band Line Up

Drew Swords: Vocals Albie Grayson-Hayburn: Guitar Harvey Leo: Bass Lewis Newbert: Drums

Listen to 'Leo' HERE

Get tickets for The Lending Room, May 13th HERE

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Photo by Isabella Rojas

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