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Wolforna - Broken Bones and Gritty Fights

New single from Leeds based rock band Wolforna is as gritty as the name suggests. 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' will have you wanting to throw things at walls while also being calmed by the soaring vocals.


New single 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' is Wolforna's follow up single to their 2021 EP 'Harlequin'. This song shows how the band have developed in their sound and shows a grittier more hard rock side to the once acoustic band. Wolforna are a four piece rock outfit based in Leeds, UK. They formed in January 2019 originally as a three piece acoustic outift before growing into a hard rock four piece. Their blend of classic rock n roll rhythm guitar, strong bright lead undertones and crisp melodic vocals make them an enjoyable band to listen to and one I have had on my radar for a little while. As they grow and develop their sound they are continuing to establish themselves within the UK rock scene. New track 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' was released on the 17th of December and may be their most ambitious release to date. This song also sees growth within the band showing off talents of new drummer Theo who joined in early 2021. After the release of their 2021 EP 'Harlequin' the band spent months writing, recording and developing their sound. Now we get a taste of this growth with 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights'. Having the word "Gritty" feature in the title I felt to be very appropriate as that was the first word that popped into my head when listening to this single. I have listened to previous work from Wolforna and in my opinion this is the bands best song to date. The growth and progression in sound is evident and now they seem to be firmly rooting themselves in the hard rock scene. The melodic vocals over the classic rock, almost grunge type instrumentals makes Wolforna stand out. For me this single has changed them from a band I enjoy listening to on ocassion to a band I could really grow to love.

Listen to 'Broken Bones and Gritty Fights' & check out Wolforna HERE

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