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Masenko - Android Soul

'Android Soul' is the next track from Masenko and the catchy tune will have you singing along "if you can feel it at all, I'll never know" Out on the 22nd of October, don't miss checking this one out!


Alt rock four piece Masenko are releasing their catchy new track 'Android Soul' on the 22nd of October. This is the bands first single to be put out in over a year with both their previous releases ('Plan', 'Demons Brains') becoming available back in 2020. 'Android Soul' welcomes you with a nice uplifting guitar line before the bass and drums join turning this track into something you could happily dance along with. The song may have an unusual theme, being about questioning your AI robots love for you but that makes it even better! The repeating lyrics "if you can feel it at all, I'll never know"/"It doesnt matter, if I feel it at all", that make up the chorus will get stuck in your head and you'll find yourself singing them hours later, or at least that's what I did.

"Written around 5 years ago but only now properly recorded and engineered, this song is for anyone out there who isn't sure whether or not their artificially intelligent sex robot really loves them. The lyrics are a musing on solipsism, in the form of a dialogue between human and android. The human is tormented by the fact that he will never know if the android is truly having a subjective experience or consciousness. The android retorts that it doesn't matter and that it can never know whether the human is either. Fair enough too be honest." (Benzie, Guitarist/Vocalist)

'Android Soul' is one of those songs that's good if you need a laugh but also doubles as just a really great song to listen to without thinking too much on the story. Out of the three tracks Masenko have (including this one) I would say that 'Android Soul' is my favourite. The way it got stuck in my head to me was a sign of a very good song and it's just all around feel good, happy music to enjoy.

Hear a preview of 'Android Soul' and pre save HERE

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