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Crawlers - Crawlers - EP

EP Name: Crawlers

Artist: Crawlers Holly Minto: Vocals Amy Woodall: Guitar Liv Kettle: Bass Harry Breen: Drums

Released: October 2021

Label: Modern Sky

Rating: 8.5/10



  1. Come Over (Again)


  3. Breathe

  4. Statues

Liverpool based band of misfits Crawlers have released their self titled EP which features new emotionally vulnerable song 'Come Over (Again)'. This collection of songs creates an emotional journey of an EP. Opening with new song 'Come Over (Again)' which is the most vulnerable song to come from Crawlers, lets you see the ability this band have to create a song that is not only relatable to many but that this band are real people with real emotions and this is always something appealing within musicians. The acoustic opening to this song instantly evokes emotion within many listeners but nothing compares to about half way through when the song reaches this climax of what I can only describe as that feeling of when you love someone so much you hate them. Pure, raw emotion. Aside from the feelings this song gives, musically it is this beautiful climb and has this really nice alt rock type riff throughout the chorus. The second and last song on 'Crawlers - EP', ' MONROE' and 'Statues' are more about being angry at injustice and things that are wrong within our societies. Therefore these songs are definitely more aggressive and are heavier than the other two. Both are dark instrumentally and feel like they are racing around you letting you consume the message and join the four piece in being unhappy with the issues they are discussing. 'Statues' especially is a favourite of mine with 'MONROE' coming a very close second. 'Statues' was the song that got me into this band and is one of those songs that I will never forget hearing for the first time and being like "damn, okay this is good". The third song from the four track EP is 'Breathe', this song is definitely more upbeat than the other three. It breaks up the strong emotions that are within this project giving you a moment to enjoy the punchy riff's. This song is one that in my opinion has this jazz like element within it and is a song that could belong to any era of music and would be loved within many genre's. 'Breathe' is one those songs that refuses to be put in a box, as does the band that wrote it. Crawlers are rising quickly within the UK music scene and as they should. This four piece are one of those rare bands that just stand out as their own thing. With the mix of dark rock, powerful timeless vocals and bare your soul type lyrics I can understand why so many people are quickly becoming a fan of Crawlers. I almost find it hard to believe that this EP is the bands debut EP as it feels as though they have been creating music forever, their sound is so developed and if this is the starting line I am more than excited to see what else they will release over the years.

Stream 'Crawlers - EP' HERE

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