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Myriad - Do You Know Where She Goes

Myriad's highly anticpated third single from their three track project will be released tomorrow; October 8th.


The third and final track from Myriad's three track project will be released tomorrow. 'Do You Know Where She Goes' sees the band more 80's-rock influenced. This project has had many different stylistic influences and it's cool to see another song that shows off Myriad's versatility. After the astronomical succes of 'Afterglow' Myriad returned to the scene. 'Afterglow' saw the band grow on Spotify from 500 monthly listeners to over 10,000. Myriad draws inspiration from artists such as; The 1975, The Amazons, The Wombats and many other modern indie sounds. 'Do You Know Where She Goes' in particular sees the band take inspiration from Michael Jackson, this is especially apparent within the 80's-rock style guitar solo. 'Do You Know Where She Goes' is the bands favourite track to date and has been recieving positive feedback from industry professionals. I have to agree with this as it is also my favourite out of the three tracks that they have created for this project. 'Do You Know Where She Goes' is definitely the catchiest and the pounding bass and drums leading you to that epic guitar solo is really cool. The song tells a story about seeking more after being away from partners for so long in lockdown.

"these songs cover some of the most important subjects facing 16-24 year olds today; consent, insomnia, commitment, and independance to name a few. 'Do You Know Where She Goes' takes the concept of independance and commitment, and it paints the picture of when we are away from our partners from events such as the covid pandemic, we long for physical connection. The narrative of 'Do You Know Where She Goes' is centered on a young person taking it upon themselves to look outside their relationship for the physical connection that they're lacking, due to being apart from their partner. It's written in the 3rd-person perspective, speaking towards the partner - asking them "Do you know where she goes?" The song implies they either don't know, or don't care. The music, is for everyone living in the post-covid world, and those trying to stay commited to their friends, family, and partners." (David, Vocalist)

'Do You Know Where She Goes' is definitely a favourite of mine from Myriad. The track feels more emotional to me than previous releases and really captured the feeling that I think a lot of people are feeling in the world right now. I also loved how this song was a little more guitar driven than the previous two on this project and felt a little bit more indie rock. I was especially impressed with the guitar solo that seemed to come from nowhere and was a very nice surprise. This is a track you should all check out and let yourself take in the story as well as being surrounded by the beautiful sounds.

Myriad live shows

Saturday 19th February 2022 - The Fiddler's Elbow, London

(More dates to be announced)

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