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Wolforna - Break You

New track 'Break You' from Wolforna sees the four-piece heading in a new, more punk direction.


Wolforna's new song 'Break You' sees their first release of 2023 take the band in a more upbeat and punk direction. Wolforna are a four-piece that keep growing and growing. 2022 saw them support bands like The Hara, False Heads, BlackWaters, and the group played small festival slots along with headline positions in Leeds and Halifax. 2023 may see some of the band's biggest material to date and this new track 'Break You' is just the start. Heading in a more punk direction feels like a natural change for Wolforna. I think they've always had a sort of punk edge to their music even in the older more melodic tracks. 'Break You' is a fun one that's more upbeat than previous releases, and I personally really like where Wolforna are taking their sound. The track that's about the push and pull of a toxic relationship keeps the bands sort of classic rock sound but it's definitely heavier. The vocals are more in your face than the melodic sound we are used to from Wolforna but everything works. I think this style suits the band and I'm excited to see what else is going to come from them in 2023.

Listen to 'Break You' HERE

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Picture by Nathan Towers

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