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Masenko - Common Thief

Vibrant new track 'Common Thief' from Masenko shows off a heavier and punkier side to the four-piece.


Aberdeen based Masenko are known for not fitting into a single genre and that stays true with their new song 'Common Thief'. The track which was released back on the 27th of January sees them go down a little bit of a heavier, punkier route. Focusing on people who think they're better than everyone else you can feel the frustration coming from 'Common Thief'. The track which has this vibrant, punk like instrumental will easily have you bopping along but towards the end of the song changes pace delivering harsh vocals, showing off the rage. 'Common Thief' is modern and fun but with a hint of classic rock n roll making this in my opinion Masenkos most interesting song to date. If you haven't heard these guys before they have a lot of good, fun rock songs to listen to. I feel like I've probably said this with every one of their releases, but 'Common Thief' is now my favourite and definitely worth checking out.

'Common Thief' (lyric video)

Listen to 'Common Thief'

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