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A Different Kitchen - I'm Fine I'm Fine

On the 17th of March alt-indie quintet A Different Kitchen will be releasing their single 'I'm Fine I'm Fine'.


Alt-indie group A Different Kitchen (originally Sukko) are releasing their single 'I'm Fine I'm Fine' on the 17th of March. From the quiet Norfolk countryside A Different Kitchen have created a psychedelic endeavour that challenges modern society. Inspired by global injustice with a devotion to force change for the better A Different Kitchen are making music that is current and important.

"We want to use our platform to promote a positive message from our personal experiences and individual vulnerabilities." - (A Different Kitchen)

A Different Kitchen made a name for themselves playing shows across Yorkshire and the East Midlands under their former name Sukko. When 2022 came around they used their time to write, record and rebrand. Now with a new name A Different Kitchen are ready to share a more emotive and personal group of songs.

"I'm Fine I'm Fine is a story of a man I used to know. Someone who was always overlooked. An outcast. Someone who needed a friend. We ran into each other not so long ago and he was accompanied by a woman and had dyed his hair jet black. He looked happy. Man I hope he was happy." - (A Different Kitchen)

'I'm Fine I'm Fine' is a very interesting song to me. At first it starts off as this original sounding post-punk song before slipping effortlessly into a more indie sound. This back and forth, and kind of mash up of genre's happens all throughout the song and in my opinion, it makes 'I'm Fine I'm Fine' a really cool one to listen to. I have to be honest, with the first verse I wasn't sure whether this is a track I was going to really enjoy but when the guitar came rumbling in before the chorus, I completely changed my mind. I really like the punk-like chorus and the way the song seems to build in sound gaining more and more depth. There's a lot of energy in 'I'm Fine I'm Fine' and I personally will be listening to this one a lot after its release on the 17th.

Pre save 'I'm Fine I'm Fine' HERE

A Different Kitchen online

Picture by Felix Jordan

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