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Fleas - Nightmare - Reissue

Fleas have recently released a reissue of fan favourite 'Nightmare' that captures more of the raw emotion of the band and shows off the groups heavier side.


On the 17th of February alt-punk outfit Fleas released a reissue of their song 'Nightmare'. This version was recorded at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge to better capture the power that comes from a Fleas show. Fleas met and became friends while studying music at the West Suffolk College. Sharing a similar taste in music the five-piece built their aggressive yet versatile sound. Fleas are known for their energetic and raw live shows so it's nice to see some of that flavour put into their recorded tracks with this new one. The alt-punk outfit were named "Ones to Watch in 2022" by BBC Introducing and they have also received the NMG award for Best Rock Act. The group released their debut EP 'Revenge Is Forever' in June of 2022 which led to a summer of gigging and promoting, but now they have had some time away from live shows they have spent the last few months writing new songs. 'Nightmare - Reissue' is Fleas first step into 2023 and leans more into the heavier style that Fleas are tapping into with their new wave of music. This reissue not only captures the power and raw emotion of a live show, but it really gives the song a new depth. A change of key for the song is also used and again this shows off the track in more of an emotional and heavier light. Listening to both the original and the reissue of 'Nightmare' side by side you can very quickly hear how raw this new version is in comparison. I think the original in a way feels more radio friendly whereas this new one is pure expression. I personally really enjoy both versions of the track, but I can understand why Fleas have given fans this reissue that is not only more heavy but more real. I haven't seen Fleas live myself, but this track gives a little taste of what I imagine them to be like, energetic, unapologetic and genuine. One of my favourite things actually from the 'Nightmare - Reissue' is the key change, for me that lower tone makes the song more emotionally grasping. This is 100% a song to check out and Fleas are definitely a band to watch out for.

Listen to 'Nightmare - Reissue'

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