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Wolforna - Amandolyn/Something Missing

Rising Bradford four-piece Wolforna have released not one but two new hard rock anthems with their double A-side 'Amandolyn'.


Artwork by Oliver Sheridan

On the 8th of December Wolforna gave fans an early Christmas treat by releasing two new singles. 'Amandolyn' and 'Something Missing' which add more flavour to the bands rock discography. Having played support for the likes of Tigercub, The Hara and False Heads, Wolforna are already taking impressive steps in the UK music scene. The bands last release '22 Degrees & Sunny' gained BBC Radio 1's Track of the Week while '22 Degrees & Sunny' alongside other 2023 release 'Break You' both have nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify. Wolforna are rapidly gaining attention and rightly so, they deliver pure gritty hard rock that deserves to be heard. I think that Wolforna have this cool talent of always staying true to their unique hard rock sound so that you always kind of know what to expect with their releases, yet they still always manage to throw in something new and surprise me a little. That is very true for this double single release, both songs are diverse yet rock to the core. Up first is the full and punchy 'Amandolyn'. The track focuses on an artists relationship with their craft and the turmoil they can go through trying to turn their thoughts into something physical. This song is hard rock with a hint of psychedelia. The guitars are enchanting while the drums fuel the song leading to the 90's rock sounding chorus that explodes with these fired up gritty vocals which we can expect from Wolforna. This is a cool track and I, as always, am very impressed. 'Something Missing' which is my favourite of the two tracks has this grungy, dirty, garage rock feel to it. It's addictive and has a catchy melody that begs your attention. You can feel the emotions in the vocals that drive this song as the lyrics talk of finding out what others are doing wrong so you can be the one to do it right. The driving bass line in 'Something Missing' gives the song a sort of dangerous feeling and this track is a strong statement ending with the isolated lyric "and you'll never find it, but I will". I will always recommend checking out Wolforna and their music, for me these singles stand out as a strong point in their discography and are tracks I will be enjoying over the festive period and beyond.

Listen to 'Amandolyn/Something Missing' HERE

Wolforna online

Picture by Izzy Clayton

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