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Without Warning - Delusion

Without Warning brings their own style to the modern pop metal scene with their first single and music video 'Delusion'


Cover by Michaela Tuomenoksa

This first single from Without Warning welcomes them to the scene. The melodic yet heavy track is a really enjoyable listen. The Finnish Turku based Without Warning combine heavy and melodic elements within their track 'Delusion'. The bands memorable style comes inspired by arrangements and fusions in modern day music.

"The first single 'Delusion' is a versatile and interesting ensemble with its dynamically changing parts. It is finished with strong pop-vocals as you dive into the theme of a delusional world. In the single you can also hear the finishing touch brought by Pontus Hjelm (guitarist/producer Dead By April) in the electronic sounds, mixing and mastering" (Juuso Javanainen, Guitarist)

Band Line Up

Michaela Tuomenoksa: Vocals Juuso Savanainen: Guitar Joakin Keuru: Bass Lauri Tuomenoksa: Drums

Watch the video for 'Delusion'

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Picture by Michaela Tuomenoksa

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