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Wolftopia - Hound of War

Finnish melodic death metal band Wolftopia have released their first single 'Hound of War' taken from their upcoming album that is set to be released in December.


New track 'Hound of War' from Wolftopia is the first song taken from the bands debut album 'Ways of the Pack' which is set to be released on the 17th of December. 'Hound of War' attacks you from the start with a massive double guitar riff which is swiftly followed by wild double bass drums and a growling bass guitar line. This is a song that grabs you and shakes you awake. Vocalist Okhotnikov explains that the song was inspired by the Gothenburg death metal scene. It was also lyrically inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's love story Beren and Luthien. The story may be at it's base a love story but it also focusses on the theory that destiny is foretold and therefore cannot be denied. This theme of destiny is what 'Hound of War' tell us by lyrically and instrumentally showing struggle, specifically the struggle to accept our own destiny's. 'Hound of War' is one of the more straightforward songs that will be featured on 'Ways of the Pack' but it still shows off exactly what Wolftopia are about; fast-paced, melodic and atmospheric death metal.

Band Line Up

Aleksander Okhotnikov: Vocals & Guitar Topi Karhunen: Guitar Tim Reus: Bass Tom Israels: Drums

Watch the video for 'Hound of War':

Listen to 'Hound of War'

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Picture by Hannu Perala (HannuPerala Photography)

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