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Asking Alexandria - Alone Again

Asking Alexandria have released a huge music video for their equally as powerful new single 'Alone Again'.


The new era of Asking Alexandria is eagerly welcomed by fans. Their first single from upcoming album 'See What's On The Inside' and it's accompanying video see Asking Alexandria delivering powerful riffs and overall just a larger than life song. This new video suits 'Alone Again' perfectly with an almost mythical feeling as the viewer is show various beautiful snow covered landscapes as if you are flying over them. The imagery of an owl is also very heavily used within this video. I think another thing that is great about this video is there isn't necessarily an obvious storyline leaving it almost metaphorical and up for viewer interpretation. Having a video that is just easy to watch and doesn't distract from this song is perfect as this song really does command your attention and in my opinion is one of the strongest things we have heard from Asking Alexandria in a long time. Needless to say I am very excited for their album that will be released in October.

Stream 'Alone Again' HERE

Pre order/Pre save 'See What's On The Inside' which will be released on October 1st HERE

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