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Interlinked - Pathless

New metalcore band Interlinked released their moshpit worthy single 'Pathless' on the 25th of June.


Interlinked are a metalcore band from Texas that have been releasing music since 2020. Their discography includes two previous singles, an EP and a couple of instrumental tracks, now they are adding 'Pathless' to the list, a song that I would easily describe as moshpit worthy and something that any metalcore lover would enjoy. This new single is one that I had a good time listening to. Throughout the track I caught hints of bands such as Of Mice & Men who I love. I could imagine this song being blasted at a festival as the crowd becomes one massive moshpit. I find that often a lot of metalcore songs can sound like they are imitating one another rather than becoming something new and 'Pathless' isn't exactly an entirely seperate concept but there is definitely something a little bit unique about it and in my opinion Interlinked are a band that deserve a lot more recognition. 'Pathless' is a song I will be adding to my playlists and I recommend you do the same.

Listen to 'Pathless'

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